Fiberglass mat
fiberglass continuous filament mat
It is made of continuous fiberglass strands with appropriate binder and as raw material to produce FRP products.

Fiberglass mat
production line for fiberglass continuous filament mat

Fiberglass mat
Fiberglass chopped strand mat
It is a mat with different GSM which made of fiberglass chopped strands with 50mm adding powder or emulsion binder.
It is raw material to produce FRP products.

Fiberglass mat
machine for chopped strand mat

Fiberglass mat
stitched chopped strand mat
this kind of mat have no bond and just use sewing thread to stitch

Fiberglass mat
Fiberglass fluffy Continuous mat
It adopts machine to puff fiberglass filament and to form fluffy continuous mat. This mat is free of any bonder and act as super material in heat-insulation,sound-absorption and air filtering. Area weight:30g/m2-150g/m2 Width:1.2m or 1.27m

Fiberglass mat
Fiberglass Continuous tape
It is made from fluffy fiberglass roving.And can be used as heat-insulation,sound-absorption and air filtering.The specification can be supplied as per customer's requirement.

Fiberglass mat
E-glass needled mat
It is mat by chopped E-glass roving and then puffed, carded and needled.
Thickness: 2mm~25mm
Length per roll: 10m~30m
Stand temperature:664

Fiberglass mat
machine for E-glass needled mat

Fiberglass mat
needled mat with dipping by thermalplastic resin
it is moulded by compression in 135 C
it is the part used for car
It is heat resistant, sound absorbing and anti-shake

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