Fiberglass tissue
Fiberglass tissue
It is made from glass fiber adding proper binder by ways of wet forming.
GSM:30g/m2,45g/m2,50g/m2,60g/m2,80g/m2,100g/m2,120g/m2,150g/m2, 200g/m2, etc.
Width: 1m or 2m
Length of roll

Fiberglass tissue
machine for tissue

Fiberglass tissue
EMP Fiberglass Paper is specially used as the main material in the copper-clad laminate of electric industry. This paper is comparable to similar products in the world market in terms of specification. Area weight: 50g/m2, 75g/m2 105g/m2

Fiberglass tissue
Fiberglass roofing tissue with reinforced threads
It is material for roof

Fiberglass tissue
tissue used for the face of FRP

Fiberglass tissue
Slitted fiberglass tissue tape
Specification: 25m x 50 m/roll or 50m x 50m/roll

Fiberglass tissue
Fireproof Black tissue
Dyed and processed in chemically way on white tissue.
The material is fire proof.

Fiberglass tissue
packing for black tissue
specification: 500m/roll

Fiberglass tissue
Fiberglass tissue for wall covering
45g/m2, 1mx50m/roll or 1mx 25m/roll

Fiberglass tissue
Carbon fiber tissue
Gram weight: 15~80g/m2
Length: 100m/roll
Fiber type: PAN based carbon
It is made from wet chopped strands.

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