Fiberglass cloth
Machine for woven roving

Fiberglass cloth
Slitted woven roving
the width can be 10cm, 20cm and so on the length is 100m

Fiberglass cloth
workshop for slitted woven roving

Fiberglass cloth
Texturized fiberglass fabric
It is fiberglass fabric which made from texturized yarn and can be used as filtering, heat insulation and fire-proof fabric.
Thickness: 1mm~5mm
Size: 1~2m(W) x 50m/100m(L)/roll

Fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass wall-covering cloth
It is made from roving and soft textile fiberglass sliver. It is good products for corrosive and environment protection.
There are 24 types of different weaves.
Specification: 1m (W) x 25m/50m (L) per roll.
Area weight :100g/m2, 130g/m2, 150g/m2, 160g/m2, 180g/m2 or 220g/m2
Packing: One 40

Fiberglass cloth
fiberglass industrial cloth
Fiberglass cloth is used in industrials.

Fiberglass cloth
Fiberglass basic cloth with mica
Gram weight: 18 g/m2, 25g/m2

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