Fiberglass roving
Loose fiberglass sliver and tape
It is E-glass roving via hackling and loose, the filament diameter is 7um-11.5um,the length is 50mm-200mm,and without any bonder,not absorb wetness. It is resistant to organic substance, chemicals and microbe, and the standing temperature is from –40 degree to 635 degree,it is the raw material of atmosphere filter, special tape and mat of sound insulation,heat insulation.

Fiberglass roving
It is fine SiO2 produced by special sedimentation techniques.
Average granule diameter: 10 ~ 15nm
Density: 25 ~ 60g/L
It has good properties of extinction and suspending, which can be used in rubber and chemical industries.
Packing: 5kg in each bag, one 20

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