Fiberglass roving
SMC roving
It is roving to make SMC sheet and can compatible with resin well.
It has good stiffness, easy cutting and low static. And the fiber is well-proportioned when mould to SMC.
Filament diameter: 11um or 13um
Roving density: 2400tex or 4800tex
Finish: silane. It can compatible with epoxy and polyester resin.
Packing: One 20

Fiberglass roving
Soft textile glass fiber silver
It is made from high-alkali glass which contains boron and has slight twist.
It can be used to make wall-covering fabric and fiberglass wick.
Diameter: 8~11um

Fiberglass roving
Transparent panel roving
It is good for light penetrateing and be used for making transparent FRP panel.

Fiberglass roving
Thermoset and thermoplastic plastic reinforced roving
it is a kind of roving for plastic reinforced

Fiberglass roving
basalt roving
linear density: 2400tex
Filament diameter: 11~13um
weight: 17kg/bobbin

Fiberglass roving
Fiberglass twisted yarn
It is yarn that after processing and twisting
fiber with diameter of 5.5um, 8um, 9um and 13um and be used to make various fiberglass fabrics.
Specification: EC75, EC150, EC225 1/0 1/2 1/3 1/4
Twist: 28~140 per meter, Z or S.
Packing: One 20

Fiberglass roving

Fiberglass roving
fiberglass sewing threads
The specification is as follows:
1.EC6-12.5X3X4 Z280 (namely 12 threads)
2. EC6-12.5X4X4 Z280 (namely 16 threads)

Fiberglass roving

Fiberglass roving

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