other fiberglass products
Fiberglass sleeves (coated with PVC, silicone, silicon rubber)
It uses round machine to weave on fiberglass twisted yarn.
The diameter is from 1mm~30mm. It can stand 1500V, 2500V and 4000V.
With different coating material, there are silicone self-extinguished sleeves, PVC sleeve, graphite sleeve and silicon rubber sleeve.
It can be supplied in certain length of 1m or 100m.
Note: The sleeve has passed UL certificate.

other fiberglass products
sleeve coated with mica powder
It can stands high temperature
It is to be sealing part under the condition of insulation

other fiberglass products
Fiberglass Battery Separator
It is microfiber and mixed with binder to produce AGM battery separator.
Thickness: 1mm, 1.95mm, 2.5mm
There are two kinds: Soft for close UPS separator and hard lead acid battery separator.
Technical data:
Surface resistance: <=0.0006 ohm
Aperture rate :> =90~95%
Aperture diameter (max):<=20um
Absorbing acid

other fiberglass products
Epoxy phonemic glass cloth laminated sheet
Epoxy phonemic glass cloth laminated sheet
Fiberglass cloth composite with epoxy resin then laminated.
Flexural strength:3500kgf/cm2.
Bonding strength:580N.

other fiberglass products
Fiberglass wick
Fiberglass wick is made of fiberglass soft textile glass fiber sliver which with good adsorbability. The wick is non-knot and long using periods.
Diameter: 0.5mm~30mm

other fiberglass products
Fiberglass Circle rope and Square rope
It uses fiberglass roving to weave circle rope or square circle. The rope can be coated with PTFE, silica rubber, graphite to manufacture various sealed products.
Diameter: 6mm~50mm

other fiberglass products
Graphite packing
Graphite packing

other fiberglass products
Pure PTFE packing

other fiberglass products
Kevlar packing

other fiberglass products
PE foam
It is material for insulation and heat preservation. 30kg/m3 The max OD can be 60mm, the thickness and color can be discussed as per customer

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